About The Froglogic Institute


The Froglogic Institute is an online education company that specializes in all subjects relating to and within the human condition. Unlike typical humanities courses available within the ivory towers at colleges and universities our team develops curriculum based on 'Real World' environments, proven research, and tested experiential education. Our training programs are rooted in over 70 years of elite Special Operations and Intelligence Agency training and mission doctrine. Our CEO and lead curriculum developmental instructor David Rutherford, has over 20 years of teaching and coaching experience within the highest levels of performance.


David has developed curriculum within the SEAL Teams, as an international training instructor at Blackwater, and within the CIA. He launched his original Froglogic programs back in 2006 working with over 7000 children around North America. Since then, David has worked with many of the nations top companies conducting over 40 to 50 motivational events a year. Organizations such as Bank of America, UBS, Revlon, Johnson Controls, Wells Fargo, and many others regularly call upon David to assist with developing greater teamwork, culture, and embracing fear. In recent years David has achieved great success working with the Ivy League Champion UPenn football team, the final four Penn State Men's Lacrosse Team, the NFC Champion Green Bay Packers, and most notably the 2018 Collegiate World Series Champions Oregon State beavers. David's greatest accomplishment was the 3 years he spent working for Dave Dombrowski and the Boston Red Sox which culminated with their 2018 World Series Championship. Instructor Rut has a unique skill set which enables him to assimilate his incredible life experiences and background into tangible curriculum and training.


Froglogic Institute FAQ's

Listen to some of our most frequently asked questions answered directly by Instructor Rut.